Aamir Khan Trying To Sabotage SRK’s Happy New Year Promotions?

Aamir Khan is known to do normal things differently. Guess that gives him the ‘kick’ in life. He will never take the usual route to do things and [...]

Divas Who Rocked The Red Lipstick On World Lipstick Day

There is a day each for everything on earth. From kiss day to smooch day to mother’s day. Yesterday was world lipstick day which made us flip [...]

Ajay Devgn’s Equation With Shah Rukh Khan And Karan Johar

Ajay Devgn is a class apart actor. Now that’s something everyone is aware of. But it is funny how his equations are with plenty of industry who [...]

P.K. Aamir Khan: What Do You Think Guys?

In the first look, a bare-bodied Aamir Khan has shed his clothes for the poster of the Rajkumar Hirani directed film PK. He is seen walking on a [...]

Why Is Media After Rani Mukerji’s Pregnancy?

It’s funny how a section of the media is hell bent on proving that Rani Mukerji is pregnant. It’s as if all they can come up with is the news [...]

Bollywood Remakes We Don’t Want To See

Remakes will never die down. A retouched version of old films finds a lot of patronage in the industry and amongst audience as well. But there are [...]

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