Mel Karade Rabba

Casts: Jimmy Shergill & Neeru Bajwa Released On: 17-Jul-2010
Mel Karade Rabba

So, at last after three days of excited waiting I managed to watch the first day first show of the film Mel Karade Rabba in Greater Union Cinema of the Melbourne and let me say that I really enjoyed it. In Punjabi community/culture most marriages as a rule are set off through the fixed process or some traditional ceremonies like “Rok”, “Shagan” and “Mangani”. In case something goes wrong or some misunderstanding cultivates between the families of the to-be-bride and groom, it leads to the end of the relationship of the future husband and wife along with their families. The situation of the aforementioned ceremonies being performed, but the final destination of marriage/wedding not achieved, has been expressed in a successful and stylish way by the film director of Mel karade Rabba.

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