Saraswatichandra - 27th February 2013
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Episode 3 - In this episode, Saraswati Chandra writes a letter to Kumud Saraswati Chandra writes a letter to Kumud without Laxminandan's knowledge. Ghuman receives the receipt of his letter, but she hides it from Laxminandan. Kumud tells Kusum that Saraswati Chandra's eyes matches the eyes of her dream man. Kusum makes a bet with Kumud that she will get the man of her dreams. Dhubha disapproves of Saraswati Chandra's marriage proposal for Kumud. Kumud and Kusum go to Shiv temple for ekadashi puja. Kumud gives milk to the poor instead of offering it to god.
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Serial: Saraswatichandra
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