Saraswatichandra : 14th March 2013 : Ep 14
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In episode 14 of Saraswati Chandra, Saraswatichandra recalls his tragic past Kumud's kite gets cut and falls into a lake near the school. Saraswatichandra sees Kumud's face before nightfall. Kumud provokes him to retrieve the kite from the lake. Saraswatichandra has a flashback of his mother's suicide attempt in the same lake. He almost drowns in the lake. Badi maa rescues him. She scolds Kumud for provoking Saraswatichandra and asks her to apologise to him. Kumud feels guilty on learning about Saraswati's suicide. Will Saraswatichandra accept Kumud's apology? To know more, keep watching Saraswati Chandra...
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